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Default Re: What happened to the Jet design? (Cathar, where are you? ;-)

CPU tdps haven't really increased much, I have used a swiftech mcw-6000, apogee gt, and an mcw-5002 on lga 1366 hexacores. Obviously some newer designs do better, but they all worked.

I only stopped using the mcw-5002 so I could build a new cold plate and use it on socket 939 with the peltier again. I got this whole kit at a garage sale for 20$ back in the day, I shoehorned it from the socket-462 setup, to use on 939 for a long time, eventually adding a mounting plate for all sockets.... Even had the meanwell aux. psu, two 120mm rads, reservoir, etc. I could tell the guy fried his CPU, also had trouble with the cheap reservoirs leaking on him. His loss, my gain! Sadly the base plate was offset for 462, and i screwed up trying to sand off the nub. Never could get a new base plate until I made my own from a copper bar. Trying to add pic, if it worked you can see me universal adapter and copper bar baseplate. Otherwise it worked great without the peltier as a normal water block. Could never find prettier barbs, I tried the o-ring chrome style ones but they wouldn't seal up... NPT vs parallel

The apogee GT was one of those jet designs... Worked great on quad lga 775 and 1366 from what I recall, I have a few lying around. Never modified one yet, I recall you could drill another return hole, and open up the jets for better flow without losing much if any efficiency...

Found this article while trying to look up my old block


Found a picture of the pin blocks from an old xs thread... also added pics of my old 939 setup without the peltier, felt period correct
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