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Originally posted by morphling1
Great progress man. One question for the last two weeks I've been running my computer with chilled water 11-16°C, and after seeing how great it worked under those temps. even memory went higher because of water cooled nb. and no problems with condensation, I think I've changed my mind a little, and now believe that water chiller that would keep my water 5-10°C would be realy great and more than enough for me, condensation problems would be also very easy to control at those temps. Now I want to know what do you think about heat exchanger chiller, basicaly what I mean is that water will get chilled only by running through chiller with inline pump and no res. so amount of water in this sistem wouldn't be more then 1L . Is this doable, I want to have everything as compact as possible so i don't want res. If I would have thermostat in the water to keep my water at 5°C do you think that will cause compressor to turn on/off to often? How would you keep water to ~ constant temp so that I could have long lasting compressor ?
I believe 24/7 running the compressor is better then on/off cycling right.
well i am using a chiller in my project i am working on now to chill the video and i have though about that to.well my compressor is going to have to run 24/7 because of the direct evap block running so my water will be extra how do i slow down the condensation to say the chipset that doesnt need -20c temps?well i am going to use a small vavle inline going to the chipset.and keep closing it down untill the water will barely enter the chipset block,or i should say just enough to keep it say at room this to me is the easest way to control the temps and get no condensation.since i am using a small water pump or large for that matter wont make any differance,the impellers inside this mag drive pumps will just not pump there rated flow.sorta like holdong you finger over the discharge line with the pump running.doesnt hurt the pump at all.
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