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Originally posted by morphling1
Now I want to know what do you think about heat exchanger chiller, basicaly what I mean is that water will get chilled only by running through chiller with inline pump and no res. so amount of water in this sistem wouldn't be more then 1L . Is this doable, I want to have everything as compact as possible so i don't want res. If I would have thermostat in the water to keep my water at 5°C do you think that will cause compressor to turn on/off to often? How would you keep water to ~ constant temp so that I could have long lasting compressor ?
I believe 24/7 running the compressor is better then on/off cycling right.
Are you talking about essentially having a dual-loop setup? One going thru the CPU block, etc. and then thru a chilled-water heat exchanger rather than a rad/HC? I was kind of thinking about doing the same thing with a bong...

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