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Please explain something for me.Why is it that every phase-change cooling system that I have seen only has one hose going to the point (Cpu, GPU) where it is going to cool it down. Why isnt there a outlet, where the heated coolant return(the gas) ?
that is because most have the capillary line (inlet or pressure) running inside of the return hose that you mine in effect you have a hose inside of a hose.this alows the return gas (which is still very cold)to help cool the capillary tube down to help in the cooling effecientcy of the system.this is call subcooling.
and my block is very complicated in how it works.but very simple in design.the block has 6 parts.
1 ....the base to which trasfers the heat from the cpu.that plate has a chamber machined into it and a precup brased to the face.the precup has 4 holes drilled in it, i hope to cause the refridgerant that is spraying from the capillary tube to collect and spray in 4 directions.i am hoping this design will help in heat transfer from the cpu quicker.also the chamber will hold refridgerant over the cpu die longer.the block is designed to mount vertical so if you look my maze design it trys to hold the refridgerant longer to help in heat transfer.
2 ....capillary tube that passed though the entire block and finally sprays into the precup chamber.
3......the first section has a maze design with a chamber and the refriderant passes into the back side to another maze where it reaches
4......the divider plate that has a hole to alow the refridgerant to pass into the next section.
5.....last maze section where i have a maze on front and then passing to the back side for one last maze.
6.....finally block cap with #8 ac fitting brassed to it.

if you notice the block has been beed blasted to rough up the suface to give me more suface area to aid in heat transfer.

2 pics one a good picture with a break down of the componants.

second you will see how it looks together and look you will see the capillary tube running inside the fitting for the return hose.

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only one like one case.
custom r502 cooling unit

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