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To put it in very simple terms - this sounds to me like a overclocking/cooling specific, moderated, Yahoo. If done right, it could quickly become my most favorite reference on the 'net.

As for categories, I wouldn't worry about defining them just yet - it should come naturally as articles are submitted, though an interface will be required for the moderator(s) to easily add/edit/remove categories on the fly. At first there may just be "Cooling", when cooling fills to the point that it becomes hard to find things (say, 20 articles), it could be split into "Air Cooling" and "Water Cooling", with the single phase-change article lingering in the "Cooling" root. As more and more articles are added, categories will be further sub-divided to maintain a good organization and reduce clutter, without having piles of nearly empty categories spread around (which IMHO can make things easily hard to find)

As for keeping local copies, besides storage of them, and bandwidth serving them, it shouldn't be too much of a legal problem so long as the original structure/formatting/credits are preserved. Google provides links to their own cache of virtually every page they index, and I've personally found cached versions of pages that are long-gone and very old. If they can do it we should be able to as well, and some searching on their site can probably turn up the legal loophole they are using to be able to do it. (at the worst, upon request by the author you can remove their page from our cache)

I wish you good luck with it, and should you ever need help I'm sure you'll be able to find lots of it here on the forums, from myself or others.
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