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Default Re: acrylic joint fitup?

[quote=metarinka]hey I currently have a modding project for my sophmore fabrication project at uni.... I have an 1/8" acrylic sphere and I need to cut some holes in it. /QUOTE]See

Your linkey didn't work so I can't see what you want to glue on.

How about glueing in a short piece, 1/2" or so, of whatever it is with just two small dabs of glue (clear, thin type) over a predrilled hole that is smaller than the part glued on. Then use a dremel, with the part as a guide, to open up the hole? Then break off the temporary part and permenantly glue on the real part. Perhaps some practice gluing and breaking will help getting the temporary atrtachment to where you need it. And be carefull using a dremmel to polish acrylic..they can be way too fast, but work, if used with care. Again, practice.
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