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Default Re: acrylic joint fitup?

Some of the info in this thread may be useful...

Tensol 70 Cement (by Bostik Findley.. also available from Amari at a luverly price of £17 for the 2 part pack). This comes in two parts, which should apparently be mixed at a 20:1 ratio. At this ratio, it dried instantly. Good job some testers were done before attacking the main panels... also the added advantage of having an excessively large sheet of perspex is you can make some little tester offcuts so you don't knack up your main panels. A bit of experimentation and the perfect mix was obtained to give suitable "manouvering time" to get the panels in place and together before it set, but not too long cos we didn't want to be stood round all day waiting for it to dry before we were safe to let go.
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