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Default Power Supply for Triple Peltier Setup

Exactly what the title says. I need a PSU to potentially run not 1, not 2, but 3 peltiers.

I'm planning to run this off a Eheim 1260 Pump (613 GPH which is around 2330 Liters per hour). There is going to be 1 loop. 1 CPU Waterblock, 2 GPU Waterblocks.

I'm going to use the MAZE 4 waterblock on all 3. I'm planning on using a 226 watt peltier for the CPU and a 169watt peltier on the GPU'S. I'm planning on doing SLI which is why I want a triple peltier setup.

Only snag, I have everything planned out in my case on how its going to run, but I need a strong PSU.

I found this site which specializes in PSU's of all sorts. But I don't know which one to buy. It has to fit into a CD-ROM Drive Bay.

However, I'm not great on electronics. Anyone know which one to pick up? Has to power 3 Peltiers. Each peltier has a power draw of around 15 Volts I think. But I can run them undervolted if need be because neither the GPU or my CPU can output 169 or 226 watts respectively. I am actually planning on running them undervolted. Also, each Peltier is a 12 V Peltier.

If anyone has another site they prefer better for buying these esoteric power supplies, please share! Thanks for any help in advance....

PS: First post! Referred here from the DFI-Street forums. We overclock like hell... but esoteric cooling setups like this merit special attention....
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