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Default Re: Power Supply for Triple Peltier Setup

Originally Posted by mx
A new PSU capable of powering those three TECs won't be cheap, and if you want one that fits inside a CD bay it will be 2-3 slots high. Like ricecrispi wrote MeanWell probably has a suitable PSU, google can probably help you find a reseller. I'd try ebay instead, although you probably won't find one that fits inside a CD bay there.

EDIT: If you run them at 12V you only need ~45A which isn't very much. You won't have any troubles finding a PSU that fits in one CD bay slot and it won't be very expensive. (I was thinking 18W+ TECs.) SE-600-12 looks like a good PSU, altough you might want to look for a PSU with more than 12V, preferably one that's adjustable between 12 and 15V so you can find the sweet spot for your setup where you get the lowest temps.

Why Eheim 1260? It's not very cheap, it's big (and ugly!) and it doesn't perform very well. Sure it's got ~2400L/h but it won't perform anywhere near that in a real loop with only 3.7m head pressure. It eats 65w(!) and most of it probably ends up in the water, but I guess 50w extra to cool wont make much of a difference to you since you already have 500w+ in the loop. A couple of DDC-Ultras would give you 8-9m head and ~1000L/h with top mounted inlets, and they would dump around 20w in the water. This would most certainly give you a much better flow than the 1260, with less then half as much heat dump! If you want extreme performance get an Iwaki MD30.

Why maze4? I'd go with Swiftechs MCW60-T or Silverprops Cyclone FusionSLT for the GPUs and maybe a modified Apogee for the CPU. MCW60-Ts cold plate and insulation should fit on Apogee too since it's almost the same block, it may require some minor modifications though.

You will need a really good radiator to cool this beast, which one are you planing to use?
Thank you for the PSU recommendation. Point definitely taken.

As for the pump recommendation, absolutely great advice. I'm looking into that right now and digging around. Truth be told, I picked the Eheim 1260 purely based on the fact I didn't know what other brands and it looked good. I don't know anything about dumping Watts into water... lol. But i'll look into the pumps you recommended as well.

As for the waterblocks... could you give more background to the changes? Like why would the waterblocks you picked out beat the MAZE4? I thought the MAZE4 series is pretty much top of the line for TEC cooling.

As for the radiator. I was planning on using either this Black Ice Radiator or this Black Ice Radiator. I just don't know if my setup merits the second radiator.

Also, I'm a complete noob to watercooling. Feel free to blast any of my product suggestions by suggesting something else, something better, or something of better value. I'll be glad to take all suggestions.

I'm pretty much a big fan of steep learning curves. First watercooling experience ever and I'm diving into triple TEC cooling.
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