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Default Re: Power Supply for Triple Peltier Setup

The meanwell is good for 226W and 169W pelts with sweetspots between 9-12V. The MW DC 600 model has adjustments from around 10-14V. I think is more of 10.5-13.5V in range adjustments. Cost $150 or more and you will never see one on EBAY

I'm only estimating 45 amps on guesstimate not even approximation by calcuations. Plus you don't want to use all 50 amps on psu and keep it just below 90% total.

1) I would go with WCing only. You don't have to know about WCing to build a WCing or pelt setup but i think you over your head with the pelt setup. Just reasonable suggestion

The apogee cpu block is smart MX. You should email gabe on that one and tell him make it an option.
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