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Default Re: Power Supply for Triple Peltier Setup

Originally Posted by n00b 0f l337
You need a waterblock that can cool the entire TEC. The maze4 does not do this. Find and purchase a Swiftech 6002 and customize a coldplate.
I did that. MCW 6002 and bought my own coldplate used thremal epoxy because i could bolt it on. Might work better than apogee because of the larger base and the design. Apogee focuses a lot of cooling at the center.
Buy cold plate at aquastealth/becooling or frozencpu.

Pelt cooling is not easy or simple by anymeans. A lot of little stuff you have to do like rigging the psu, powering pelt, condensation proof, buying gasket etc. If you build your own kit you have to replace bolts and screws and stuff. DIY is much easier and worth the extra cost.
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