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Default Re: Power Supply for Triple Peltier Setup

1. Yes.

The cold plate underneath the peltier will do two things for you: enable sufficient clamping pressure on the TEC and allow heat to move from the small die to the entire area cooled by the TEC. Remember that the TEC surface is not very heat conductive. Individual spots on the TEC surface will get very cold, but lateral heat movement is not what TECs are designed for.

2. Probably a Swiftech 6002 or an Apogee with a customized coldplate. Heck, a Maze4 would work fine too.

Didn't n00b Of l337 already answer this one? The key is to have a coldplate that can apply good even pressure to the TEC while still mounting correctly to your motherboard. Your biggest temperature differences are going to be in the proper pressure on the TEC, TEC selection, TEC Power Supply selection/tweaking, and radiator effectiveness. The actual block isn't going to be the biggest issue if you can get a good coldplate/mounting for it.
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