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Default Re: Snap 4500 - end of the line

Hi All and thanks for the replys,

Firstly just to clarify, the sydney authorised Overland dealer have said that, Overland will not sell just the OS. You need to buy support and then with support you get the new OS upgrades. As the snap 4500 is EOL, they will not give you support and thus no new OS.

I have emailed overland maybe 20 times saying that i have got approval to buy the new OS (budget-approved, time to implimentation - immediate etc etc) and have had not one reply as of yet and i dont imagine i will. Crud support overland!

In regards to a clean install - apart from reset to factory defaults and then reinstalling GOS 4.4049 and then 4.4049 SP3 - how else do you do a clean reinstall?
I have done the above 3 -4 times and the same problems reappear.

I would like to keep (get) GOS 5 on the snap's but seeing that i am not going to get it through official lines (overland) it leaves just ebay etc. And according to previous posts by
blue68f100 etc , it seems you cannot sell the hard drives with the OS on them via ebay as its copy righted material (he suggested that i could not dispose of the 8 * 250GB drives that came out of them originally for exactly that reason) so why would i be able to get a drive with OS 5 on it?

out of interest, I had a hunt around the net and did find several sites that had a zipped GOS 5 and the first SP1 on them, but seeing that it may or may not be password protected and i dont have a valid support agreement, it leaves me no better off...

It was interesting that i could find GOS 5 in various o-land web sites, but yet it is not available (according to o-land)

Darcy - I would love some help with this as this has been driving me mad. But seeing that i am almost out of patience with these and i have a copy of win2k3 in my drawer next to me and usb dvd-rom on standy, it might not be long before it happens.

but any help would be appreciated
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