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Default Re: Snap 4500 - end of the line

Okay, I am NOT the software guru around here, not even close, but...

Based on what I am able to get from the various release notes, including reading between the lines, and from other comments now and again here on the forum, you need the newer/est versions of GOS for AD stuff to work right with 2k03/2k08. Anything below 4.4 is a waste of time as I understand it, and if you are using an updated AD, the newest 5.1 is needed.

Your text says 3.x, but some of your screens look like 4.x and 5.x, so I do not know what versions you have tried for sure, nor is it important at this point for us to know (it either will work or it won't).

You might aldo want to look at the configurations on your network to be sure they are all correct (AD can be sensitive).

Software/IT dudes, feel free to correct me if needed and please pass on what you know (or opinion) on this subject.
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