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Default Ben's Win 98 box, redone! Build up

So, around October of 2009, I decided to take a tower I pickup up for free or $5 / $10 and save it as a sort of time capsule.

I don't really have any software that "needs" older hardware, but I've always liked the AT chassis, specifically the Baby AT boards that had K6-2s and P2 Celerons. This lil guy had a motherboard that took a PPGA celeron, had an AGP slot, AND SDRAM slots. To sweeten the deal, it didn't have the older SIMM slots, didn't have onboard video (why would I want that?), and DID have onboard USB! AND it had overclocking options!

So I got to playing around, and cleaning up the existing Windows 98 install because it was practically empty anyway. I believe it had a Celeron 333 MHz, which I was running at 480 MHz, or thereabouts.

There was even a point where this computer ended up in my bedroom, just cause I liked it, and spent most of my PC time down in the workshop with a more powerful machine. When I was using this for regular school work and internet uses, I decided Windows 2000 was more practical, so I bumped it up to about 256 MB or so, and swapped the HD as to preserve the Win 98 drive. I'm pretty sure all of that was before the initial "remodel" / paint job.

Anywho, this is a machine that served me very well, and I just love the small Baby AT towers. Tough, rugged machines that just look industrial, with that old giant DIN connector for the keyboard.

Enough talk, here's some build pics from 5 years ago I never posted.

Meh, so it's a Biostar board, the M6TLI. But I dig the features. It has all the stuff I want, and none of the stuff I don't. Perfect for a retro build.

My wire management solution was... chop it all off! Haha. Then add what you need The exact length you need, and heat shrunk.

Will post more pics, like how the case paint turned out (a rich, dark blue), and progress on the upgrades Going to replace the Soundblaster 16 with an AWE 64 Gold I just picked up. And the Intel AGP graphics with either a VooDoo 5 5500 I just got, or a VooDoo 2 SLI setup. (I think the VooDoo 5 may be a little too "new" for this build)

Open to input \ comments. And... The CPU no longer likes to be overclocked on the stock HSF, at least not as high. I want to implement a very small, practical loop. I do not think there would be any point whatsoever in WCing the VooDoo 5, let alone the VooDoo 2s. I have an old oil cooler from a 95 cherokee that will fit perfect under the case (it has casters ) and a laing pump from a powermac G5. I just want a block with a nice mounting soultion... f'n ZIF clips lol
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