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Originally Posted by IMOG
This implies that we discourage corrections, which is not the case at all.

Here's a good cliche:

It's not what you say, its how you say it.

And your concerned with these people who cannot discern good information from bad?

I would consider them a lost cause from the start... After all, if all they are doing is memorizing everything CORRECT you tell them, they aren't learning or understanding anything.

One must be able to tell the difference between good information and bad information in order to actually understand - without that, they are just memorizing.
I am curious if your the same IMOG (must be) that wrote this article about your use of a rubber band to hold a fan on your HS?

Do you think that article is good information or bad information? How many people reading that are now going to use a rubber band to hold their fan on their CPU? Confused as to why such an article would be allowed to be posted on the front page of OC? What purpose was it meant to serve? :shrug:
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