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Originally Posted by pHaestus
Really the goal should be to work towards a world where the Procoolers were truly "pros of cooling optimization". That's the missing link: tying price, performance, noise, and size together to make the best tradeoffs for a given situation.

[snip] but awareness of what exactly one is sacrificing in either extreme really isn't clear to the average wcer I think. [snip]
The last part is really what needs to happen. I don't know if its just that they despise us or something, but most Europeans against overkill systems can only see their strengths and the other side's weaknesses. Although the same goes for a lot of us (not the despise part, I hope ). If there were two sections, it'd have to have severe moderation of topics/posts to prevent flamewars and 'fanboy' antics. The fact is, though, that people with big systems are being attacked for freedom of choice. Until several difinitive tests are done that all show about the same results, people just won't take off their imaginary crown & cede...

I don't think the requirements for the second section would hinge on the "Pro" idea, since this area is "extreme & phase change cooling" - if you can't understand that the title refers to pushing known boundaries, take more english courses. Just having 'phase-change' in there should announce the intentions of the section, since I've yet to hear of a person with the common European mindset use a promi for 'style', 'silence', and 'just enough' performance. Nothing says 'bling' like conformal waterproof coating & neoprene
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