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spyware remover

hi all!!!
i have got a online journal. i have recieved a lot of spam in my blog recently. could anyone advice me how to get antispam filter or something else to protect my blog? spamers send there a lot of links. spamers are bothering me !
but i should say that once i got a profit from them. they have sent me some links to anti virus program. so i decided to visit this site because my PC started to work bad. i found there a proposition to download this antivirus program. after installing it, the programme deleted all spyware from my PC!!! even such progames as Kaspersky and Nod32 were not able to find it!!!! i couldn`t even think that there are so many spyware in my PC!!! you could click by one of this links. searching viruses on your PC is free!!! here are the link.
[url/]LINK REMOVED[/url]
So that people are not so useless)))

see you soon!

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