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As a side note from this end of the world, Pug/Coolermeister are in the UK, which I personally perceive as being more on the US-side of the water-cooling market going by the content of the various forums over there.

After much heated debate above it seems that we're probably converging on a test set of kits that revolve around the same essential design philosophy.

The original debate was the "German" vs "US", which somehow mutated into "Europe" vs "US", but the UK stands quite a way out from the fairly hard-line "German" position when it comes to water-cooling.

A "classic German kit" in my mind is basically an Eheim 1046, the Innovatek (or whatever) radiator that is the basically an equivalent to a BI Pro, some 1/4" or 8mm ID tubing, an 80CFM Papst 12cm fan, and one of the German micro-stucture blocks (CF-1, etc).
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