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Default Re: How To Revese Fan Flow?

Originally Posted by ProHandyman
I have uploaded a picture of your fan's internals. I have mine apart for much the same reason as you, and to wire the LEDs seperate... this fan is not made for any type of mods!

You'll never get the blade arrangement balanced properly, or glued safely to remove and replace... so give up on that idea (unless you want to be around when the fan blade turns into shrapnel!

I'm trying to get to the opposit side of the PCB, but looks like I will damage the internal before release, so I may just unsolder the LEDs, and go from there.

I was going to paint the plastics too... but I agree... they should offer both air direction flows for this great fan!

Wow, thanks for the pic Pro. It saves me time of ripping it apart to find out for myself. I love the fact that we can all share experiences like this with each other to help save others the grief that we went through finding out.
Since it's be incredibly hard to do, I'll just save the effort and turn the fan around to show the nice side. I don't mind losing a couple of extra degrees, I'd rather have it look good. I'll test it out though, if it's a big drop I'll have to face the music and paint the plastic silver.
Thanks once again for sharing.

I can think of 1 more thing to do that will proably work and will be somewhere inbetween the extreme and simple.
1. Remove the fan along with the motor
2. Cut off those plastic legs
3. Paint the motor silver
4. Epoxy the motor to the back of the biohazard fan grill
4. Run the wires along the design of the grill while hiding the wire and running it out the stock location

The back of the motor is the exact same circle size as the front of the fan so it won't be showing through the biohazard grill anymore. Actually, maybe I could cut some of the white plastic off as to minimize the amount showing through the grill. Do you think it's a possiblity looking at it?
It's an inbetween solution that seems would work pretty well as to mostly satisfy my stuborness. At least that way the fan can still continue to operate the way it supposed to and I won't lose the effectivness of the fan.

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