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Default Re: Name resolution over VPN

I have been testing (beta) firmware for my Netgear FVS338. This came about when many functions I wanted were not working in the current release. Kind of bad when you spend good money for a bussiness class router and it's unable to renew the lease time. Only shows up with lease time > 24hrs. I had a 4 day.

Having 2 broadband connections allowed me to do real world VPN connections. My first setup was router to router (Netgear FVS 338, Netgear FVS328), then Netgear's VPN Client software to Router (FVS338). After 4 beta versions, I now have a working VPN. My Netgear routers support NetBIOS over VPN, this only works with a static IP on the 338. The 328 did not have this restriction. Test were run using a DynDNS service. I have name resolution. As long as I could ping a device I could mount it. I was very surprise as to the speed. I seam to have full band width of the uplink speeds. All connections were 3DES with auth through the IPSec Tunnel.

I will now use this if I need to access to my snap server, when away from home. My next task is to see if I can get awake from lan to work over VPN.
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Link to SnapOS FAQ's
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