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And here are my temps: Idle 36, full load 39, room 25 deg Celsius.

What puzzles me is, with that old block (z style, 6 mm dia channels), I was getting idle 34, full load 39 - 40. It was restrictive, the new block flows muuuch better, but the temps are pointing to problem. I posted this in another thread, to explain things a little...
"So, found one crappy Y garden hose piece, re-drilled it to 10 mm ID. Changed crappy inlet barb on my rad from 8 mm ID to 10 mm ID (best I could do today afternoon). Problem is that Y piece is too wide so my 12 mm ID PVC tubes kinked a lot, so I replaced them with 8 mm ID silicone (only ones I got). Till later this evening I was pissed off enough with my small case and that Y piece, so I didn't have the nerve to take out and redrill another Y also in system, using it like a fill point/air trap. So that's another restriction (that Y is 8 mm ID).
The good thing is that my flow indicator spins like mad, which wasn't the case with my old block.
Now I'm idling on 36, with old block was 34. Full load with the new block is 39, with old block was 39 - 40 deg. Room temp are pretty steady these days, 25 deg. Two 120 mm Adda fans at 7 V."

The rad is Lancia prisma hcore, big enough for those two fans...

I also reinstalled block four times, with springs, without them...



/edit/ that 8 mm ID silicone tubes go from two outlets to the Y piece, about 12 cm in length (2 x 12 cm). All other tubing is 12 mm ID...

2nd/edit/ pump is Maxijet 1000, AMD XP 1800+ @ 1667 Mhz...
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