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Default Re: Water Cooling Kits vs. Air Cooling

I have heard that the latest ATI card based on the R600 core will consume as much as 230 watts.
Although, that may be an incorrect figure.

Graphics cards do seem to be headed down the same path as CPUs were a year or two ago; where performance and features are king and power concerns are a joke.

I still think CPU water cooling has a future, but I think GPU water cooling may have more immediate growth.

Water cooling kits--in general--are very rarely worth their price, as they tend to have poor performance for the price.

The future of DIY water cooling--for me at least--is on the cheap end of the scale.

I will not buy $80 water blocks, $120 radiators, $90 pumps, nor will I run it all in tubing that costs $2 per foot.

Where did the "do it yourself" go in DIY water cooling?

I can get nearly the same performance--within my ability to tell the difference--for easily less than half the price.

$40 water block, $20 radiator, $20 pump, run it in tubing that costs $0.15 per foot.

On top of that I will enjoy the experience of building my own personal water cooling loop.
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