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By Cathar:
Then the water wouldn't be cooling the fins as effectively. Heat does flow up the fins and they need to be cooled just as much as the base. Well, that's my consideration of the applicability fo such a thing to the WW design. It may work well in a different design.
I don't think you quite understand what I mean. The idea of the flange is to force the water through the fins just as the plate on top of your block forces the water through the micro channels.

Because nicozeg has a large open area above the base (and fins), the water is deflected throughout the open area after it hits the center. By adding a small "Top" a short distance above the base (and fins), the flow is focused where the heat is. The distance the "Top" is from the base can be determined through testing, same thing with the diameter.

An added benefit of the flange is that the jet holes can be drilled into the center to speed up flow (like the slot in the middle plate of your WW)
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