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Lets see, what *can* be changed?
Idiocy is, unfortunately, cronical.
We can´t prevent people from posting idiotic reviews, if the tester is an idiot.
If someone really wants to flame a review we likely can´t prevent that someone from flaming.
Lack of education, on the other hand, *can* be remedied.
As some allready has suggested, set up a small how-to over testing, listing the most obvious mistakes, physical laws etc. that one should be aware of during testing.
If a bad review is posted somewhere, present the better way to the uneducated tester (in a more or less harsh way). If that someone doesn´t want his/her medicin then feel free to light up the flamethrowers.
But give the tester a fair chance to prove him/herself uneducated instead of assuming idiocy by default.
At least that can remove some of the worst reviews from the net. OK, hopefully, I should know better than just assume something like that.
(why is experience so often of a bitter kind?)

In my beautiful little world noone regards him/herself as an idiot (even if many are wrong on that topic), but calling someone an idiot is a very effective way to make that someone *behave* like an idiot, and defending his/her right to behave in that way, which, of course convinces You even more that this person is an idiot. And the flames get hotter.

Yes, dealing with suspected idiots *is* very demanding and tiering, even dealing with educatable, uneducated is a heavy burden (empiric studies), but my opinion is still that we should give people a second chance before flaming them.

And, no, pr0n is not a better alternative than watercooling, if the teasers allready posted is what will be served.

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