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Originally Posted by jaydee116
If your incorrect your're in fact ignorant. Ignorant means "not knowing". If you are incorrect you most certainly do not know and are ignorant.
So, someone who doesn't know something is exactly the same as someone who knows something that happens to be wrong?
I would put forward that there's quite a difference - particularly if the person who's wrong is quite unwilling to even consider the fact that he/she is wrong.
BillA calls this "willful wrong-headedness" (good phrase - I like it)
Josh Billings says "it ain't what a man don't know that makes him a fool; it's the things he does know, that ain't so." (John Kenneth Galbraith often gets credited for this one as well).
This is probably my favorite quote - mostly because I work in software - and every 5 or 10 years, a lot of what I "know" becomes "ain't so" - so I have to stay open to my being wrong about things I know are true.
Of course, I'm open to being wrong about this one, as well...

Another way to think of it is that the information on the forum is like water - only it's not gone if someone else drinks it. However - it can be poisoned...

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