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Originally posted by prb123
All I know mine is that mine is about 2 1/2 years old and I still have crystal clear water in my turtle tank, granted my uv filter is overkill for the size of my tank so it may not be as powerful as when new but it is still effective.
Well, if your system stays closed... there is most likely no algue left to grow ;-)

No, you are right, the UW is for a 500 galon pond... I don't think you have that much water in your system. Even if it is performing like a 05w w UV, it still will be enough to kill algue in a one galon system.

<edit> for got this question:
Your water stays clear, but is yor tubing also?
I'm still not sure that the white stuff on the walls of my tubing is algue..
If it get's hot, it needs to be watercooled!
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