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Myth: Pump power consumption makes a significant impact on temps
Reality: It is difficult to know exactly how much heat a pump dumps into water, but a good rule of thumb is the following: An inline pump generally dumps 70-90% of its heat into the water. A submerged pump dumps 100% of its heat into the water. A 120mm radiator with a decent fan is good for about .06C/W. That is, the water temps will rise 1C for every 50 watts in the water. So, if your pump dumps 50 watts into the water, water temps will rise 1C. Therefore, the difference between a Mag3 at 40w and an Iwaki WMD-30 at 90 watts is fairly insignificant; 32w into water versus 72w, so about 2.4C. Note that the performance of a waterblock will improve with diminishing returns as the pressure increases.(my emphasis)
still needs some correction...
'course the corrected figures make it less of a myth (unless you have a better rad(s)) - 2.4C would meet most people's definition of significant imho
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