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Originally Posted by nikhsub1
My tee line is not the highest point either, no water comes out.

Your T-line is also not at the bottom of the case and open.

I agree, if your FILLING UP your system with the PUMP ON and your T-Line is on the INLET of the pump, the pump will push the water through, and shouldn't worry about an air lock. I've done this countless times. Let the pump do the work.

I'm not gonna sit in front of a computer to argue. And I didn't mean for me to be sarcastic.

I like to see it to beleive it. If a person cannot show me that an 'Open T-Line at the bottom of your case will not leak water' than I am gonna do it myself. I have a spare heatercore, pump, waterblock and I am gonna orient them in a box at specific heights as it would be in a computer case. More truth comes out through hands on experience than it would through pages of a notebook. The conclusion, if need be, will have jpegs.

Heck, what I'll even do is mount the radiator in my car upside down and see if I can still fill it that way. Ha!
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