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Default Planned first rig...

I'm trying to put together a watercooled system, the noise level of my current case is rather high, along with temperatures.

My goals are:

1: A quieter PC...preferably a max of 4 fans including the 2 power supply fans

2: A cooler PC...I'd really rather not be running my CPU at 65 degrees C under load, and almost 55 degrees idle

The case: a rather nice Addtronics 7896A

The fans: 120mm and 80mm front case fans, 80mm and 60mm exhaust fans on back of case, 80mm fan blowing onto CPU heatsink, CPU heatsink's fan, GPU heatsink's fan, 2 power supply fans (enermax whisper power supply)

The system: Athlon XP 2100+, 512MB PC2700 Samsung CAS2.5 @ CAS2, Gigabyte GA-7vrxp, MSI GF4, Ti4600, Aureal SQ2500, 3Com 10/100 ethernet, liteon 40/12/48 CD Burner, 16X DVD drive, 3.5 inch floppy, maxtor 7200rpm 80GB HDD. 350W enermax power supply

What I'm looking for in a watercooling system is probably CPU, GPU, and maybe chipset blocks, a radiator (probably a black ice extreme), a pump (silent is good), and a resevoir. I'd ideally want 1/2inch ID tubing

I'm thinking of mounting the resevoir near the top of the case, just above the power supply, the radiator at the front of the case with a fan pulling air through it, and the pump also on the bottom of the case.

What I'm looking for is some advice on what waterblocks to get, what type of pump to get, a good resevoir to get, if I should get two pumps, and how to connect it all together.

As a note, the reason why my CPU is running so hot is because of a power regulation problem with the motherboard, I've got to crank the core voltage.
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