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i was thinking more in the line of making some sort of plexi top. saves me alot of sawing + some weight.

and again, thx for offering. but sending one of the heaviest metals around by mail sounds a bit extravagant, no?

i thk i don't have the balls to make it 1.5 - 2mm. lets say i drill to depth 4 - 3.5 with the tip of the drill, that would mean that there are pits in extremis of 2.5 depth. given the crappy bench drill, and the error margin...

i think i will try to make something with a clearance(no pins) where the water enters the WB with very low BP thickness. and then have the surroundings a little more flow resisting.

anyway, what could be tested (since we didn't epoxy) is to disassemble, and put a flat top half. and watch...
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