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Originally posted by trit187
if I've got an extra 1000uf capacitor would you recomend adding that to the .1uf capacitor? and if I did run both would I put them in series or parellel? thanks alot to Since87 for the testing and koslov for volunteering the pump
The 1000uF cap is most likely an electrolytic cap, and it won't have any significant impact on the high frequency spikes of the pump. If you are thinking of putting some resistance in series with the pump to lower it's voltage, the 1000uF cap might help your overall system by smoothing out the current draw that the pump requires from the PSU, but I'd have to do some calculations that I'm much to tired to do right now, to know how much effect it would have.

Any additional caps should be in parallel. Multiple film and/or ceramic capacitors of various values would be more beneficial for reducing the fast transient noise. Something like a 1uF film, a 0.1uF film and a 0.01uF film would probably suppress the spikes some more. Cutting the leads of the pump back as close to the pump as you dare, and soldering the cap(s) on close to the body of the pump would likely have some benefit, but I don't think that anything beyond, a single 0.1uF at the normal lead length, is really going to have an impact on system performance. IMO the 0.1uF cap is enough.
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