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Originally Posted by Cathar

Plugging that back in to the maths of the first two posts, this works out to:
+23.3C => Eheim 1046
But it is a much flawed "munching" machine
Phaestus's data* should be used to estimate "C/W"cpu and not an estimate of "C/W" for an insulated 10x10mm die.
A correction of 1/2QCp should be applied to Bill's radiator data.(0.5x1/QCp - data is LMT wet-side)
The correct W(pump) for Bill's radiator data(after!/2CpQ correction) is W(pump) at dead head(zero flow)

These details matter when calculating to 0.1c.

* Even using this is problematic,the Wrad should be corrected for the enigmatic variation(with flow rate) of W from CPU to WB.

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