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Originally Posted by pHaestus
I don't see any reason to sugar coat it; if someone is a ****ing idiot then that is what they are. But perhaps we are a bit quick to throw out allegations of stupidity or idiocy. Maybe simply pointing out what is incorrect in a review is more acceptable?
Well I am poor at sugar coating stuff anyway as most of you know. When I used to post these BS reviews I intentionally left out some specifics of what was wrong. Takes all the fun out of everyone jumping in and pointing out new stuff wrong.

I tell you what, I seen some reviews so blatantly wrong I just couldn't see the point of pointing out what is wrong because the whole damn thing was. It is really pathetic that people setup one water cooling system and all the sudden think they can write technical articles on water cooling. It took me a couple years and a lot of WC setups before I really started learning anything and I am still not the sharpest knife in the drawer on the subject.
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