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Default Conformal coating on a A8N32 SLi mobo

Hi 2 all! Superb and very helpful forums and after a long reading only period, I decided to join.

This is my 1st post so be people show mercy...

I own an ASUS A8N32 SLi Deluxe mobo and I'm about to jump from watercooling to a Qmax 437W peltier. After a lot of studying I figured out what measures I must take against condensation, and the final decision is as follows...

1) The back of the mobo is to be totally covered by conformal coating (I've already remove the cpu backplate).

2) The cpu socket, pci slots, memory slots etc will be filled with diellectric grease so as no air remains.

3) Silicone will be placed around the cpu socket so that air cannot flow under.

Now the questions:

1) How can I secure a neoprene sheet on the whole of the back of the mobo in a non-permanent manner?

2) I know that the area around the cpu socket must be covered but what about the 8 power distributors?

3) What parts of the mobo should NOT be covered with conformal coating?

Thanks in advance and remember is my 1st pelt attempt...
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