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Hi there Brian, my name is DJ Sumanik, im from the yukon in canada (its next to alaska) and as hard as it is for you to believe I know what you are going through right now as I have lived it first hand.

My sister and I were in a bad car wreck and she suffered the same injury as your wife. She slipped into a coma shortly after for 8 days and when she came out she had lost all memory prior to the accident, speech capability, movement, and I know exactly what you mean by "no one being there". Those memories still frighten me to this day. It was a birth defect in her brain and the accident set it off, the blood vessel burst and the doctors said it would have likely occured to her even if we hadnt been in the accident, such as during childbirth, or any other sort of heavy traumatic shock or physical strain... So you are VERY right to be thankful it happened while she was in the hospital, as it could have happened while she was having a stressful day driving down the freeway with your kids in the car...

And dont necessarily believe this was from improper medication form the getgo, although all that stuff is pretty much irrellevant right now anyways. Stop asking why, and start looking at every availiable option in front of you to rectify the situation.

That all being said I want you to know my sister has made an EXCELLENT recovery considering the serious nature of this injury. We were on a highway in the middle of nowhere when it occured, and she went through the windshield to boot. I think if we had been closer to the hospital a full recovery likely would have been possible. Her right arm is still paralyzed, and she has some problems with memory, but other than that she is a very normal beautiful girl who is currently attending university and living with a great guy (one i finally approve of anyways) to become a special needs teacher to help people with disabilities like her own.

Being at her side is the best thing you can do for her because if she is going to be suffering any memory loss, having a familiar face like yours around when she first comes through can help jog those severed connections. To this day the only thing my sister can remember before the accident was me and her eating chocolates on easter, and i was the first face she saw when she came out of the coma.

Just have faith and dont let your hope slip away, my sister is living proof that an injury like this is NOT insurmountable.

i am not much of a person to truly follow any faith or religion completely and honestly, but if there is a god, or i higher power I can ask to grant you and your whole family to come out of this OK, i will.

If you set up a paypal account ill gladly donate what i can to help you with bills and food for your children, take care.

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