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It's that time again: Update!

I guess you could call this PSU mod part II, or "Accidental Rice". I ordered blue heatshrink from frozenCPU (pricey, but good service), as well as some black female molexes to replace the icky white ones that my PSU came with.

Well, they sent blue heatshrink and BLUE molexes. Blue ULTRAVIOLET REACTIVE none the less... At first i was kinda peaved, but i decided to give them a go under the UV. Well, they didn't react that much. and the blue color is pleasant with my heatshrink.

(I can hear you, "Shut the fsck() up, show me some pix!") Okay, okay..

Zee connectors + new female molex pins (you'll see why shortly)

This is why I got new pins. I hacked off a length of cable from the PSU later on in this post and added 2 extra molexes to the chain I was putting the connectors on. Screw Y adapters, just add more plugs!

Where there were just 2 before, there are now 4! Lookin good!

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