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Part III: General metal modding.

Noise is bad, rubber grommets are good. Clutter is bad, cable organization is good.
so 2 modifications to allow this.

That's the back of my mobo plate. I cut a slit in the front part of the lip so that the molexes can pass through to the drives in the front of the case. I can now get the side of the case back on. Only problem is that I didn't realize how much structural integrity that provided for the tray... oops! it's not a big deal, just more flexing that I expected. Probably should have cut another square hole in the tray rather than notching the lip.

Holes are now plenty big for the rear exhausts to be grommet mounted.

Where's wallace though?

Part III.5: Sticker removal.

Since i'm trying to prep the chassis for paint... or powdercoat (I haven't decided), obviously any foreign matter, stickers, miscellaneous crap needs to come off of the case. So bye-bye went the FCC stickers. I think the last case I had that had FCC stickers on it was my 486-66DX2 from middle school.

That's all. Let me refresh the todo list:
Integrate modders mesh into intake hole for the radiator (~90% complete, needs to be primed)
1 Touch fan-bus
1 touch light-bus
power distribution system for mode
lighting mods (Radiator lighting done)
custom stainless steel feet?
window designs? (Spiv... you know what I mean ) (slowly solidifying, need to get my tripod out, virtual "modding" by way of photoshop)
Convert pump plug (~95%)
Custom front bezel involing
*stealthed slotload
*stealthed CDRW
*see-through to 10K RPM HDDs
*lighting mods for activity lights
*system health

All right, your turn, tiz feedback time!
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