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Hello all! Sorry it's been so long between updates!

Rest assured, the mesh grill is still being worked on. Perfection is required, perfection takes time.
I've gone backward a few steps, and forward again, and backward and so forth trying to get things perfect before the top clamshell, bottom clamshell, and non-mobo side go off to the painter. The mobo side still has to have the design (when finalized) waterjetted into it, and the custom cut plexi still needs to be done too. Too bad no finalists from Ars for that mod contest eh? we coulda really used that versalaser!

Part I: Presents!

Mmmm. A box from SVC, goodies await!

10 feet of flexo "carbon", they were out of black, and this stuff is neat. its gray and black woven together.

2 device u160 cable. Uhmm SVC DONT YOU REALIZE THERES SUPPOSED TO BE A 3RD CONNECTOR FOR THE TERMINATOR??? GRR :miffed: Well, this was for my opticals anyway, which terminate internally. I still need a 2nd 68 pin (cable side) to 50 pin (drive side) adapter. Someone sent me one from the Agora for free! I thanked them profusely, but I have forgotten their name. /tangent.

10 3-to-4 pin adapters. since they were $0.49 each, I got them more for the connectors than anything else. 3 x 92mm "Yate Loon" cheap fans... this is when I thought the 92s would still fit in the rear of the case. oops, but for $3/each, whatever. the 3rd is for the 80>92mm adapter that mnpctech sent me so long ago, but I guess now one of them will be going in my current box's PSU as well. Gotta shut them both up!!

Mmmm DRILL BITS! Carbide! Easy Start! Anti-spin spindle! I just used them tonite and they are like butter even through goliath's 1.3mm sheet steel.

6-32 Tap and #36 drill bit. For making/threading holes for use w\ standard case screws.
Goliath: 3.4E@3.91/Abit IC7, Maze4 (temporarily) + custom splitter to crazy 4-way watercooling parallel loop: X800XT @ 520/1280 + AC Twinplex, AC Twinplex Northbridge, Silenstar Dual HDD Cooler, Eheim1250, '85 econoline van HC + 2x120, 1x120 exhaust - polished aluminum frame panaflo L1As, 2x18GB 10K RPM U160 SCSI, 4GB PC4000.

I wanna be BladeRunner when I grow up!

Project Goliath - nearing completion.
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