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Part II: Removal of rear fan grill

Almost forgot to take a picture

OUT FOUL DEMONS! The gray gook you see on the far side of the hole is what I like to call Starbuck's anti-screwup cream. Aka "Devcon Metal Patch". When my dremel walks a bit to far, I fix it with this stuff. Works very well.

Aluminum L1A sitting on the OUTSIDE (it will be inside), on top of a piece of coated sheet steel I cut to fit the hole.

I messed up and when I was drilling out the rivents seen 1 and 2 pics above, I didn't clamp what they were holding together. So when my drill popped the rivet out, the bit slid down, smacked the other piece of metal the rivet was holding together and bent the crap out of it. Luckily, it bends right back into place, but needs a screw to hold it properly. The plate I fabricated does this as well as providing a home for the 120mm L1A to mount to. Problem solved.

Comments? Recommendations?

PS: I'm thinking about going to a very, very dark gray matte on the chassis.
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