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Patience. Something I lack. I'm going to make this quick because I'd like to get back to work, you'll see why at the end of the update.

First up, back plate with 120mm plate installed with jbweld.

And with the first of (probably many) coat(s) of jb-weld. I should buy their stock.

My res, updated. I got some nylon #4-40 threaded screws to replace the galvanized ones currently holding it together. I think that's half the problem I'm having with crap building up in the system, that the screws are actually touching the water and i'm getting galvanic corrosion. The last time I had it up and running I had 'glitter' running through my tubes. And that was with distlled + WW. Also, the WW left some white gunk on the tubing, but not the res. Also replacing the brass barbs with nylon ones.

Some powdered glitter that settled on the bottom of the res

Disaster strikes. I guess I was trying to put the fitting in a bit too tightly. I now have to pull out the hack saw and cut the end off, redrill, and reinstall the end cap. That sucks.

I was going to demo the anti-HDD vibration spacers I got, but this has set me back a bit for the day. I guess I'll just keep working, this isn't a huge setback, just really annoying.
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