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So I did have to hack the end off, I cut off about 4cm of pipe, so I'm 4cm shorter in the res department. I reattached the bottom plate, and am now working on getting the screw holes to stop leaking . The nylon screws don't provide as much mechanical force as the other ones. In the mean time, I figured out a way to make filling the res and sealing it much easier. The gift comes in the form of a 2 liter cocacola bottle

You'll see.

New top for the res to accomodate the 2 liter bottle's neck and cap.

Cap and neck in place, and epoxied (5 minute variety, also water tight)

Reservior Redux: the new shorter version w\ the top just sitting in place. I still have to cut the top to size and goop it on.

heatercore ready to be painted. The rustoleum protetive enamal doesn't need primer, just a clean surface. But its too cold out (50* minimum for the rust oleum) to paint. If i had done this earlier in the day it would have been a better temperature for painting.

I'm going to clean the shop a bit, and play with my HDD mounts.
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