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Default Re: 300w + 300w = 600w?

I believe that you'll find that this whole thread is essentially split in two; the first part has info on a failed effort to integrate a VSense (+ and -) into an existing supply; you'd have to be an engineer to do that, I concluded, and beyond me.

If you look into ready-made redundant supplies, the first part of this thread will be relevant.

Then Yo-Duh_87 came up with a circuit that sits externally to the supplies. That's the second part.

The circuit is simple, in that it's designed for a single voltage rail. It can be applied for the other (positive) rails, but I haven't tested it. A component swap would be required for the negative rails, if so desired, but I opted to use the first supplies' negative voltages rails only; the negative rails work off of a simple regulator, and there is no requirement for additional power. It's a bit limiting on the redundancy aspect, but 3 PSUs would be required regardless (for N+1, using 300W supplies), so pulling out one of the other two still gives you "hot-swap" capabilities.

You might consider running the negative voltages off of a seperate supply, to keep the positive rails on a true redundant base, without any other mods.
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