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Default Re: 300w + 300w = 600w?

Im going to have a few friends look at the part with the negative voltages. While they scream at me for trying to make them do that, im going to try and learn enough electronics to figure out what parts needs to be replaced, and by what. If im going to do this, im going to leave the psu's unmodifyed, for warrenty reasons, and it aint happening, unless i can get all the psu's to be hotswapable. I'll go for all 3 running all the time, untill one fails. That should both lower stress, and heat, while if one fails, i just have to keep within the limits of what 2 psu's can actually provide. A concern i have is how to connect the psu to the distributor board, since you dont want to overload any wire's. I might also go for joining multiple 12v rails if i end up using sutch psu's. Dunno if its a good idea or not. its good as it makes sure no rail gets overloaded and pulls the plug, but i understand its bad due to fan noise, and similar causing fluctations in the current. Joining the rails, and splitting it again with a capacitor for each type of device?

Jupp, im confident about this: im in way over my head.
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