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My current radiator is a AquaCoil (yes I know very bad) however it is already there and hard modded into the case. Yea i could possibly replace it with a BIX. At the immediate moment I cant think of a really good reason why not to other than it is more money.

The other thing was that I had this plan on taking one of those Black Ice II radiators (the dual 120mm ones) and modifying it to a 2 pass, 1/2" inlet with dual 3/8" outlets and two 120mm quiet fans pulling air from below my case inside and then being forced out the top by one large 120mm fan through the AquaCoil.

As for leaks, I am not too conserned becuase even though the Black Ice II would be modded, it would be siting at the bottom of my case anyways.

One last thing, I want the BI2 on the floor of the case because it will be where the water will run the slowest in my whole setup. There for, it will allow extra time in the radiator to release the heat.

This is my thought process.
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