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Default O-rings vs Gasket - sealing the block

I'm designing a cheap easy waterblock aimed for moderate performance.
It consists of a copper base and an acrylic top section.

For reasons I don't wish to discuss, I was hoping to use an o-ring between the two, but with no groove at all.

I was hoping to use a 2.0mm thickness o-ring that was quite compressible, thinking it would be around 1.0mm thick once fully compressed (D50?)

What chances of sealing?

My next thought was putting a smear of silicon sealant just "to be sure".

Failing that, I could get a (neoprene?) gasket. Ironically, it would be a round shape and again I'd be looking at it being 1mm thick or so once compressed.

However, an off the shelf o-ring is going to be lot cheaper than a custom neoprene gasket.

Advice appreciated...
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