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Default Re: Silent, watercooled TJ-06

Lian Li parts in a Silverstone? Blashphemy!
Sounds like you may simply be reaching the limits of how quiet you can possibly make it. After all, even if a fan were to be truly silent, reasonable airflow alone through anything as uneven as a radiator or PSU is going to make at least a little noise. You can always do your research on a cheapie first though; look around for a cheap PSU (if you don't have one lying about), remove the fan from it and give that a quick try in the case to see what kind of noise levels you get without a PSU fan. If you can suddenly hear the previously washed-out whine of your own nervous system, then it might be worth it to remove the fan from your Seasonic.
I'm going to have to start another thread like this one for my own PC (soon as I figure out how to work these forums), they're very similar. I didn't even notice before that you had removed the entire Hard-Drive bay to make room for your hard-drive suspender and pump. I haven't removed the entire bay, (wanted to be able to keep my backup drive in it, otherwise it probably would have gone the way of yours...) but I cut some holes in the front of it so that I could run tubing straight back from the bay reservior to the pump, then the pump outlet straight down through the panel towards the radiator. Obviously you would agree that it works out nicely as far as having simple and un-restricted tube routing.

...Off to go start "Silent, Watercooled TJ-06 II"!
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