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Default Re: Can't delete iscsi disk

Originally Posted by HarryC View Post
An interesting question would be, if I load a drive with a 5.xx version of GOS, boot the 18000 from it then start installing the old drives with a 4.xx version of GOS on them what happens? The 4.xx gets over written? I get a horrible mess? To be sure I will wipe the old drives before installing.
Personally i would go with the safe option and zero fill the other drives first. I have no idea what happens if you mix two versions of GOS but it could be possible that some nastys are left on there.

A bit of advice though before you wipe any drives. Get your licence keys from the snap extensions section. I made the mistake of zeroing drives once for a re-install and lost the licence keys for some enabled features.

It's a shame you didn't have the GOS full install.gsu file. I have found them to be essential in many cases like this.
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