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Originally Posted by Les
Not happy with the data.
Particularly the assumed constancy of heat imputs
Are the "pump heat" to water measured or a dream?
Eheim 1048, 1250, MCP600 @ 12.0 and 13.8, MCP650, Iwaki MD-30RZ are all measured values, since I actually had those pumps in hand.

Eheim 1046 is an extrapolation based on the other Eheims.

The rest of the Iwaki's are extrapolations based on a 63% of rated input figure as determined from testing the MD-30RZ, due to the common shared separated magnetic armature design. The MCP600, which is also of similar design, as well as the March 893-09 that I have here, all have a ratio of in-line heat to pump motor input of around the 65-70%. Given the strong trend, I felt it safe enough to run with those figures.

In the full article I had already explicitly explained that which were measured values, and those which were extrapolations.

I really wanted to include the Danner Mag 3, but I did not feel comfortable with assigning a pump heat transfer value to it without either measuring it, or having a number of other pumps from the same range to extrapolate from.
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