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JWFokker - thanks! I lack of 3/4" ID fitting, however if the screw of the fitting got standard 1/4" NPT or 1/4" BSP thread - not a problem then Ha, quick look for McMaster Carr show me, that they sold them -
However for reduction of restriction I recommend use 1/2" fittings And you are on the right track too - inlet is the key.
The exact price is not calculated properly yet, but it should be around 25-30$.

Bugsmasher - thanks! It's actually too big And no, I never come think to that, because there are too many pumps (not all guys use Eheim) and even in Eheims, the inlets does warry.
I mean - for making a perfect connection, you have create there a hole + glue something to make it more supportive - both will be problematic, expensive and mainly - not reliable, because pump does vibrate and even the used acrylon plexiglass type should NOT BE prone to crack, it surely WILL crack when you overstress it - so the line between long reliable connection to the pump inlet and cracking res is too thin, for my taste.
And adding say 100mm of tubing to watercooling loop did not cause any harm, especially not, when the CPU block is cascade/storm type, witch does restrict flow enought, so the increased tubing lenght have exactly zero effect

Brians256 - thanks! glasd you like it I do too, tough

JamesAvery22 - yep, you get it right. From basic sketch to making first testign version (currently tested and working purrrfect) it took almost over 5 months - I always do more research before actually doing something

JSimmons - endcaps? Ah, the bottom fittings you mean, sure. If you check the galery closer, the fittings are there screwed, using standard self-locking NPT threads. These are awesomely sealing - even when I tight them just by bare hand, they did not leak at all - not a one sigle drop
So, one can put there what "endcaps" one want Even the 3/4" ones. I have few 3/8" and mainly planing 1/2" as somehow standard...
BTW, my testing version is, because my watercooling is in middle of rebuilding, equiped with one 1/2" (inlet to pump) and one 3/8" (inlet to res)
Even such things is possible - and no, no epoxy is need. I better keep things changable. I believe this is better way to do things

Anyway, since I retired ma DangerDen round res, I could show what my temps have done to it and where it leak - please note that I not screw the fittings too tight and at first I leave it "as it come", I tighten them a little when it start leaking - but look now!!!

Im affraid that DangerDen used the wrong plexi glass type. It's definitively the hard and maybe shinier/nicer, but sure prone to cracking one!
Not used in my case, that's why my res holding pretty well my temps right now
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